14 days online lessons
7 days of practical training
6 models for practice training
Full face (eyebrows, lips, lash line)
1 year of support
During last 7 years Katya Conture have
taught 1500 masters in Russia and from
all over the world.
Understanding the colour wheel and how
to match the correct colour to the skin tone of the client

Pigment preparation, choosing pigment,
mixing, storage
Face mapping and how to pre-draw

Understanding of correct methods of
permanent makeup application

What should and should not do when
applying permanent makeup
Understanding of skin composition and layers

Care and healing

Skin diseases, disorders, infection, scars,
moles, psoriasis, eczema, allergies
Appropriate needle selection, configuration

Maintenance, correct insertion, identify
needle damage storage of needle, disposal,
and preparation for sterilization
Equipment sterilization

Disinfectants and antiseptics

Prevention of cross-contamination
and infections

Proper handling of hand tools

Proper wearing, all disposables
Client profile, analyze and enquire clients
desires, expectations

Discuss the overall aspects of
permanent makeup

Medical condition
Discuss informed consent

Medical questionnaire

Liability issues

Understanding of storing clients'
consent forms
Preparing client's skin for permanent makeup
Work on latex skin

Observe the procedure (demonstration)

Hands-on work using live models (6 models)
Forms and instructions

Care memo
You can choose a tariff that includes
a full starter kit
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